I was at a Bach concert. It consoled, purified and strengthened me.

Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit.

sobota, 15 maja 2010

FoolishPeople - Weaponized #2 Aftermath

A pójdę na łatwiznę. Kopiuj-wklej:

The dust-devils recede and the silence booms with the voices of those who have left. All is undone but those actions that can never be undone. You are left in the aftermath, the pieces falling are grains too small to pick up. The only way out is through.

Cast: John Harrigan, Lucy Allin, P. Emerson Williams

Producer: P. Emerson Williams

Sonic Assistance: Eianorange kkoagulaa

Sonic degradation and collation tools used in this episode were built by ccernn for kkoagulaa:programming-node.


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