I was at a Bach concert. It consoled, purified and strengthened me.

Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit.

sobota, 11 września 2010


Otrzymałem takiego oto mejla (-masówkę); oficjalnie uznaję go za ważny:

Hello paul,

THE RESONANCE ASSOCIATION are out the road this month, playing more shows in support of their recent EP, HELIOPAUSE PRELUDE.

The duo take to the stage at The Butler in Reading on Saturday 18th September, supported by SPUCKTUTE (the new project of History Of Guns founder Max Rael).

They then join AIDAN BAKER of doom legends Nadja for two shows - Hector's House in Brighton on 20th September and Corsica Studios on 22nd September.

The mini-tour concludes in Leicester on Saturday 25th September, with a free show in Leicester featuring Spucktute and labelmates FINAL COIL.

Head over to the band's website http://www.trahq.co.uk/tour for more details, links to Facebook and Last.fm events, and links to buy tickets for Brighton and London.

We hope to see you on tour soon!

All the best,



Jak ktoś może - niech korzysta.

Przypominam również, że aktualnie ściągamy i cieszymy się nowym materiałem Counta Brenta.
(Tak, poniżej.)

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  1. No no no, o kurczĘ.
    Słuchałam! I mam na mp3! We Wro obok Linkousa jest mile widziany Twój Brent,no.